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Purebred Registered Heritage Berkshire Hogs
​At Patterson's Registered Berkshires, Berkshires are the only breed of swine that we raise.  Berkshires are famous for their flavor and meat quality.   Known as Kurobuta Pork in Japan, Berks are world renowned for their meat quality.  Today, Berks are probably the most popular of all the heritage breeds.  Prior to World War II, Berkshires were one of the most popular of all breeds of swine.  With the advent of confinement hog production, Berkshires fell from popularity in the hog industry.  The "modern"  hogs are now bred to have large litters that are weaned at an early age (so the sow can be bred back quickly).  These pigs are then expected to grow very rapidly into very lean hogs to produce "the other white meat".    A Berkshire hog still has the necessary fat to create the wonderful flavor for which they are famous.  While Berks are known for their flavor, they are also known to have smaller litters than most of the other breeds.  It is no wonder that the breed fell from favor in a production system that puts quantity before quality.

Maintaining any of the heritage breeds is certainly a worthwhile undertaking.  The quality of the Berkshire pork is by itself probably reason enough to raise Berkshires.  The docile and gentle nature of the breed makes working with them day to day just simply a real joy.  If you've never raised hogs, or have tried and think you don't like raising hogs,  some Berks might well turn a chore into a pleasure.

For us, Berkshires are more than a heritage breed, they are a family heritage.  Our Uncle Crawford bought his first Berkshire in 1922.  Our father, William, who was 10 years younger, eventually established his own herd as well.  We grew up with the breed and continued raising them until 1987.  Our farming operation had become continually less diversified, and with the labor demands from a dairy the Berkshire herd was dispersed.  With the addition of another generation, and the desire to again become more diversified, the decision to add a herd of Berkshires was really not a decision at all. 

If your looking for a supplier of delicious heritage breed pork, or breeding stock to grow some for yourself, our long heritage with purebred registered Berkshire hogs puts us in a unique position  to supply whatever you require.

Pictured above is our father William in the 1930's with a pretty nice pig.
Above is our uncle Crawford with a boar that was Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair
Pictured to the left is our uncle Crawford who started raising purebred Registered Berkshires in 1922.  This picture was taken in April of 1924, he was 21 years old.  He is holding his best team of horses Frank and Bet.  About the only thing that hasn't changed in all those years is our families commitment to raising  Berkshires of the highest quality.