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About Patterson's Berkshires ™

  Our family tradition in the Berkshire business dates from the 1920's when Bill and Crawford's uncle, also named Crawford, established a herd of purebred registered Berkshires.  Although this herd was dispersed in the 1980's, our interest in the Berkshire breed continued.  When the addition of another generation to the farm created the opportunity to reestablish our herd,  in 2011 we decided to once again add a herd of Berkshires to our farm.

  Our family has farmed in this area for generations.  When Bill and Crawford graduated from college in 1974, they joined their father William in a farming partnership.  In 1978 a Grade A dairy was built.  In 1992 that dairy was converted to one of the first grass based dairies in Virginia.  That continues today with a herd of almost 200 mostly Jersey cows.  The Berkshire herd was dispersed in the late 1980's.  With the purchase of breeding stock from several herds in Pennsylvania, purebred registered Berkshires are once again being bred at Red Mill Farm.

  The farm is now being operated by Bill, his wife Alicia, and their two sons John and Tom, as well as Crawford and his wife Judy.  Crawford and John are primarily responsible for management of the Berkshires.  The 700 acre farm has received numerous awards for our environmentally sustainable and innovative farming practices.  We strive to grow the highest quality livestock and crops in a sustainable mix of both old and new farming practices with an emphasis on humane and gentle treatment of our livestock.